Can you game on a curved monitor?

Is a curved monitor good for gaming?

In regard to gaming, some games even support the ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio, resulting in all the benefits of a curved monitor for gaming plus an extended field of view in-game! For more on the benefits of an ultrawide monitor, check out this ultrawide vs. dual monitor comparison article.

Can You mount a curved monitor to a wall?

As you can imagine, mounting a curved monitor to a wall won’t look as good as a mounted flat monitor, since the screen isn’t flush with the wall. Additionally, curved monitors work best when you sit directly in the center of the screen.

How much does a curved monitor cost?

Speaking of money, curved-angle screens tend to be much more expensive than flat screens in general. For example, a quality 4K 32-inch curved monitor, like the Samsung UR59C, is likely to have a starting cost around $500. Whereas, a flat screen monitor the same size, like this is more likely to sell between $200 and $400.

How big of a monitor do you need for curved screen?

To get the benefits of a curved monitor, you’ll need a screen that is at least 30 inches. Any smaller and the screen won’t have the same effect on your vision. That being said, 30 inches is larger than most people want and that size monitor tends to be more expensive.

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