Which is better OLED or LED?

Is LG OLED better than Samsung QLED? The answer comes down in part to their two fundamentally different display technologies, namely QLED vs. OLED. OLED wins in general and I did like the LG C2 better overall, but it’s not for everyone. Is Sony OLED better than

Does the series’s have ray tracing?

Will Forza Horizon 5 have ray tracing? Forza Horizon 5’s Hot Wheels expansion has been officially confirmed. Currently, many PS5 and Xbox Series X games offer ray-tracing modes. However, these modes come with the trade-off of reduced frame rates and lower resolutions in order to facilitate the

How many hours is Elden Ring?

How long does it take to 100% Elden Ring? While if you’re looking to 100 percent complete Elden Ring the median completion time is 96 hours. However, players have been known to spend well over 100 hours on Elden Ring, with the longest playtime How Long To

Does Kinect work without Internet?

Can you play Xbox 360 games without Internet? Even if you have the game on disc, the console has to download the game with the special Xbox 360 emulator from the Xbox marketplace. After the game has been downloaded, and you made sure your console is set