How much money does Xbox Live Gold Cost per month?

Is Xbox Live Gold becoming free?

As a result, we have decided not to change Xbox Live Gold pricing. “We’re turning this moment into an opportunity to bring Xbox Live more in line with how we see the player at the center of their experience,” Microsoft added.

Is Xbox Live gone?

Microsoft has decided to remove the Xbox Live subscription which was required to play online free to play games. Read on to know the best free Xbox games. Microsoft has finally decided to remove its mandatory Xbox Live Subscription that was needed to play online multiplayer games on the Xbox consoles.

What is the annual fee for Xbox Live?

Xbox Live Gold: The yearly fee that’s a big hurdle for casual gamers. If you read the fine print on the Xbox One, nearly everything cool requires a $60-per-year Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Will Xbox Gold be free?

Xbox announces that gamers on Xbox systems will no longer have to pay for an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play free-to-play games as of today. Last January Xbox reversed an announced price increase of their Xbox Live Gold service after many players spoke out against it.

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