Is it bad to play video games on a big TV?

Do you use a long HDMI cable to play games?

I don’t use a long HDMI cable, because it’s near the TV (it’s my HTPC, also handles TV recording duties as well as watching media and playing games). I do not game on a monitor/kb/mouse. If I can’t play it on my Xbox One or via Steam Controller on my PC or on my laptop, then I don’t play it.

What’s the best way to play PC games on TV?

It’s much easier than it used to be to get your PC games running on a TV, thanks to options like Steam in-home streaming and Big Picture mode. There’s no one perfect solution, but a few good options for different homes and different PCs.

Should I get a bigger TV?

Aside from the obvious increase in cost, getting a larger TV means finding more space to house it – check that the feet of any supplied stand are close enough together to fit on whatever cabinet you’re standing it on, or that your wall mount is strong enough to take its weight.

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