What size TV do I need for gaming?

How far should I sit from a 32 inch TV?

The general rule of thumb is to be at least five times the distance from the screen as the screen is wide. For example, if your television is 32 inches wide, the optimal viewing distance is 160 inches or about 13 feet.

Can you see 4K on a 32 inch TV?

32 inches are way too small to be able to see the 4k resolution from that distance. Someone who is serious into using a 4k display for his pc will most likely go to a monitor because of the extremely low input lag, so using a 32″ TV for a pc is kinda nope. THe pixel density is to high for such a small screen.

What TV is best for gaming?

Best overall: LG C1Best for PS5: Sony Bravia XR A90JBest for Xbox: Samsung QN90A Neo QLEDBest budget 4K: TCL 6-Series Google TV (R646)Best OLED (besides our top pick): LG G1Best LED: Sony Bravia X90J

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