Why can’t I pay for a year of Xbox Live?

Why can’t I renew Xbox Live Gold for 12 months?

If you’re having issues trying to buy an Xbox Live Gold subscription, you might already have a subscription that’s been suspended. If so, you’ll have to pay the balance before you can buy another one.

Why can’t I pay for my Xbox Live subscription?

There are various reasons why a subscription can become locked for non-payment: Insufficient funds on your debit card. Your credit card has expired. Your credit card was stolen, so you closed the account.

Can you use Microsoft account balance for Xbox Live?

Yes, you can use your Microsoft Account Balance to purchase an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Happy gaming! :D.

Does Microsoft balance expire?

Any money in your Microsoft account not from a promotional gift card is “non-promotional” and has no expiration date. But if you don’t use your account for a prolonged period of time, the law may require us to consider it abandoned and to transfer any funds to the appropriate government authority.

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