Why don’t people use TVs as monitors for gaming?

Why can’t you use a TV as a monitor?

Why Can’t You Use a TV as a Monitor? Televisions and computer monitors are similar and use mostly the same technology to drive the panels. You can usually use a TV with your computer, but they’re made for a different market and aren’t the same as monitors. Both TVs and monitors will accept HDMI input, assuming they were made in the last decade.

Should you buy a monitor or a TV for gaming?

Reasons to Stick with the Monitor. On the other hand, TVs aren’t perfect replacements for traditional gaming monitors. If they were, you would have seen a huge decline in gaming monitor sales and innovations, which just isn’t the case. The first issue is that TVs have much more input lag than their PC-centric cousins.

Do I need a monitor if I have a 4K TV?

Few, if any TVs will live up to a monitor in reducing input time, but some are better than others. Otherwise, a 4K TV is the way to go, unless your computer is especially old or underpowered. Remember that the PS4 and Xbox One are running on outdated graphics cards and about 8GB of RAM.

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