Will Xbox ever support ultrawide?

Does Xbox series X support ultrawide monitors?

Does Xbox Series X Support Ultrawide? At this time, no, not in the way that you’d expect. Unfortunately, the Xbox Series X does not support ultrawide monitors and a 21:9 aspect ratio. The main reason for this is that when the Series X was designed, it was expected to be used on 4K TVs with a standard aspect ratio of 16:9.

Are ultrawide gaming monitors cross-platform?

There’s one caveat to ultrawide gaming monitors for cross-platform gaming, however, and that’s lack of console support. While many multi-platform games offer ultrawide resolutions on PC – and the PC ultrawide game list is quite extensive nowadays – neither the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 offer system support beyond 16:9.

Will Xbox series X&s support 21:9 aspect ratio?

Xbox Series X & S will support ultrawide monitor 21:9 aspect ratio. I hope this is true!!! Welcome to r/XboxSeriesX and thank you for your submission. This is a friendly reminder to all users to be civil in your communications. If new, we also ask that you please take a moment to review our rules and guidelines.

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